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Insights categories - Offshore investing

Orbis: President’s letter 2023

By Adam R. Karr on 01 Feb 2024

Reading time: 19 mins

In his annual president’s letter, Adam R. Karr, from our offshore partner, Orbis, discusses the performance of the Orbis Strategies during 2023, looks back a...

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2023 Q3 Comments from our chair

By Ian Liddle on 16 Nov 2023

Reading time: 6 mins

Daimler-Benz introduced the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to South Africa in 1973 – the same year that an ambitious 35-year-old with a Harvard MBA and eight years of...

Insights categories - Corporate citizenship

The value of time

By Zwelethu Nkosi on 16 Nov 2023

Reading time: 13 mins

In our 50 years of existence, we have grown from a little-known brand to one of South Africa’s most recognisable investment managers, servicing a wide cross...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Principles for successful investing from the world of sport

By Tebogo Marite on 05 Sep 2023

Reading time: 5 mins

Nothing quite unites South Africans like a good sporting event. During the months of July and August, South African sports fans were spoiled for choice as tw...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Risk: An essential ingredient for real long-term returns

By Nomi Bodlani on 31 Jul 2023

Reading time: 14 mins

When it comes to investing, no investor wants to lose money. In fact, as humans, we have a built-in aversion to loss. Unfortunately, by overly focusing on...

Insights categories - Personal investing

The cost of waiting to save

By Shaun Duddy on 26 Jun 2023

Reading time: 4 mins

Whether you want to save for your retirement, a child’s education or an overseas trip, starting now can significantly reduce the cost of reaching your goals....

Insights categories - Personal investing

How staying the course gives you the long-term edge

By Thandi Skade on 04 May 2023

Reading time: 8 mins

In a world where instant gratification is king, it can be hard not to get distracted by the lure of short-term gains. But taking a long-term view of your...

Insights categories - Investment insights

The power of 1%

By Radhesen Naidoo on 04 May 2023

Reading time: 10 mins

As we celebrate our 50 th anniversary, we are mindful of the collective efforts of teams, past and present, in building our long-term track record....

Insights categories - Personal investing

How to apply “cathedral thinking” in your investment approach

By Marise Bester and Daniella Bergman on 27 Jan 2022

Reading time: 14 mins

The prolonged stress of the pandemic has heightened many investors’ focus on the now, interfering with the ability to make sound decisions that improve the...

Insights categories - Personal investing

How to do long term

By Morgan Housel on 11 Oct 2021

Reading time: 8 mins

Adopting a long-term mindset sits at the heart of our investment philosophy. But what does it really mean and how can one do this effectively?

Insights categories - Personal investing

Investment lessons for sharing

By Daniella Bergman on 26 Jul 2021

Reading time: 16 mins

Money is a polarising topic, yet it is an important subject that greatly influences all of our lives. Opening up the space for money conversations can...

Insights categories - Investment insights

Investment lessons from a pandemic year

By on 22 Apr 2021

Reading time: 13 mins

A year on from our stringent Level 5 lockdown, much of 2020 seems surreal. While there are many aspects we may prefer to forget, reflection reveals valuable...

Insights categories - Investment insights

Orbis: The power of perspective

By Povilas Dapkevicius on 09 Nov 2020

Reading time: 1 min

It is easy to get caught up in the noise of short-term events like politics. What we have learned over the past 30 years is that a long-term view often revea...

Insights categories - Personal investing

CASE STUDY 2: Long-term investing for your child’s education

By Saleem Sonday on 16 Jul 2019

Reading time: 2 mins

Meet parents Wayne and Makgabo van Niekerk from Johannesburg. They are paying for Ceana (six) and three-year-old Amber’s early education (crèche and primary...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Commitment counts

By Zwelethu Nkosi on 30 Sep 2015

Reading time: 6 mins

There will always be ups and downs in the markets as much as in life. To deliver great long-term investment performance we believe a fund manager needs to...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Are your investment goals, products and expectations suitably aligned?

By Jeanette Marais on 01 Aug 2014

Reading time: 4 mins

Our investment goals depend on our personal priorities in life and there is no generic set of goals that applies to everyone, and no set timeline for achievi...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Thinking long term

By Wanita Isaacs on 30 Jun 2014

Reading time: 4 mins

We encourage people to invest for the long term. But how long is long term and what does this mean for investment decision-making? Wanita Isaacs offers some...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Investing tutorials: Why preserve?

By Thandi Ngwane on 30 Sep 2013

Reading time: 3 mins

Learn more about investing and personal finance in 'Investing tutorials', a new addition to our Quarterly Commentary. South Africans on average change jobs...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Not the time to relax risk appetite

By Ian Liddle on 28 Jan 2013

Reading time: 5 mins

In his 1988 annual letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett wrote: ‘We have no idea how long the excesses will last, nor do we know what will change the...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Make financial planning a priority in 2013

By Jeanette Marais on 10 Dec 2012

Reading time: 4 mins

Research from the US1 shows that financial planning is a critical factor separating those who are on track to meet their financial goals and those who are...

Insights categories - Personal investing

A balancing act

By Rob Formby on 27 Sep 2012

Reading time: 5 mins

We have written at length about the perils of switching and trying to time the market, noting how investor behaviour plays an important role in investor...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Logic fails to prevail in investment decision making

By Carl Richards and Jeanette Marais on 24 Aug 2012

Reading time: 4 mins

Most of us make the same mistake with our money over and over again: we buy high out of greed and sell low out of fear, despite knowing on an intellectual...


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