We aim to earn superior long-term returns through investment decisions that are founded on diligent fundamental research and a disciplined investment process. A key part of this is incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into all stages of our investment process. Here we discuss how this is done.

Articles in "ESG"

ESG: The fundamentals vs the fads

By Raine Adams on 29 Apr 2022

viewing time: 9 mins

The rise of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in asset management has resulted in a proliferation of new product offerings,...

What price are we paying for the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

By Horacia Naidoo-McCarthy on 11 Apr 2022

viewing time: 6 mins

As investors brace themselves for the impact of higher prices on their portfolios, Horacia Naidoo-McCarthy discusses how the prevailing environment may impac...

Why do the Sustainable Development Goals matter in investing?

By Vuyo Nogantshi on 11 Nov 2021

viewing time: 9 mins

In September 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s 169 targets to achieve...

Carbon pricing: What is it and why does it matter?

By Vuyo Nogantshi on 10 Sep 2021

viewing time: 7 mins

The Paris Agreement sets out a global framework to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit ...

Net zero: What is it and where are we on the path?

By Vuyo Nogantshi on 13 Aug 2021

viewing time: 8 mins

In light of clear warnings from climate scientists around the potentially catastrophic impact of climate change, a growing number of governments and companie...

Our latest Stewardship and Business Sustainability Reports

By Raine Adams on 15 Jun 2021

viewing time: 7 mins

Companies have positive and negative environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts and forming a holistic view based on these is far more complicated, a...

Executive remuneration in times of uncertainty

By Vuyo Mroxiso on 13 Apr 2021

viewing time: 9 mins

We believe that a company’s remuneration policy should aim to attract, reward and retain competent executives, while incentivising alignment between these...

Stewardship and Business Sustainability Reports

By Andrew Lapping on 31 Mar 2020

viewing time: 1 min

This is the fifth year that we have published our Stewardship Report, which outlines how we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into...

Executive remuneration: Skin in the game

By Pieter Koornhof on 17 Oct 2018

viewing time: 9 mins

At Allan Gray, we think carefully about the executive remuneration policies of companies in which we invest our clients’ capital. Why is this a worthwhile...

Steinhoff class action

By Rob Formby on 28 Sep 2018

viewing time: 1 min

Allan Gray, along with other South African institutions, is participating in a class action case being run in the Netherlands by Dutch law firm BarentsKrans ...

How to be a responsible investor

By Raine Adams on 19 Apr 2018

viewing time: 7 mins

Responsible investing has become a front-page issue in the last year as companies, investors and asset managers have had to respond to a number of ethical an...

Allan Gray welcomes new Group Five board

By Leonard Krüger on 24 Jul 2017

viewing time: 1 min

Allan Gray welcomes the results of today’s Group Five shareholders’ meeting, where eight individuals were elected to serve on Group Five’s board as...

Allan Gray condemns Net1 CEO severance payment

By Andrew Lapping on 31 May 2017

viewing time: 1 min

Allan Gray notes with outrage the financial settlement claimed by Serge Belamant upon his retirement as CEO of Net1.  We are very surprised that Mr Belamant...

Net1: Do the right thing

By Andrew Lapping on 17 Mar 2017

viewing time: 3 mins

We are very concerned about the situation surrounding Net1 – both the immediate need to ensure that 17 million beneficiaries receive their payments on time a...

Clarifying our position on Net1

By Rob Dower on 09 Mar 2017

viewing time: 6 mins

There has been a lot of press coverage on Net1, the parent company of the current social grants payment provider Cash Paymaster Services (CPS), much of which...

Ownership responsibilities: Focus on remuneration policy

By on 27 Jul 2016

viewing time: 1 min

As we discuss in detail in our Policy on ownership responsibilities, we believe that a company’s remuneration policy should aim to attract and retain compete...

Actively adding value

By Grant Pitt and Pieter Koornhof on 31 Mar 2016

viewing time: 8 mins

The trend towards passive management – where investment managers track market indices rather than pick individual stocks – has caused some to question the...

Purpose before profit

By Allan Gray on 30 Jun 2014

viewing time: 13 mins

While a corporate philosophy of first trying to make a positive difference to others may seem inconsistent with running a profitable and successful firm,...

Responsible Investing

By Ian Liddle and Mahesh Cooper on 30 Sep 2012

viewing time: 26 mins

The Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa ('CRISA') was introduced in 2011 as an industry-wide initiative. Allan Gray supports CRISA's principles an...

Tobacco economics

By Ruan Stander on 30 Jun 2012

viewing time: 8 mins

Most industries have a single factor that helps investors to understand them better. Unfortunately for investors looking for easy wins, it does not necessari...


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