Investing with us

You can invest in unit trusts for all your financial goals, from saving for longer-term needs, to meeting your shorter-term objectives.

Invest in a basic unit trust

To benefit from our investment expertise, you need a minimum of just R500 a month. If you don’t want to invest monthly, you can start with a single lump sum of R20 000 or more.

Learn more about investing in our unit trusts.
Invest in unit trusts via our products

You can invest directly into our unit trusts, or invest in unit trusts via one of our investment products that suit your needs and circumstances.

Allan Gray Retirement Annuity Fund

You can save for your retirement using our retirement annuity. A retirement annuity gives you tax savings and a measure of protection, but comes with some restrictions. You cannot access your money until you retire.

Learn more about saving for retirement.
Allan Gray Tax-Free Investment Account

If you are investing for the long term, or you are already paying income or capital gains tax on existing investments, our tax-free investment account allows you to benefit from tax savings on your investment return and can be used for estate planning.

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Allan Gray Preservation Funds

You can transfer your existing retirement savings from an employer’s retirement fund (or from another retirement fund) to one of our preservation funds. Although you cannot continue contributing, you keep the tax benefits of your original fund and your investment return is not taxed. 

Learn more about transferring your existing retirement savings.
Allan Gray Living Annuity

You can invest your retirement savings and draw an income with our living annuity. You can choose how much income to draw, within the legal limits, and you can change your income amount or frequency of your payments every year. 

Learn more about getting an income after retirement.
Allan Gray Group Retirement Annuity system

You can set up an efficient retirement savings solution for you and your employees with the Allan Gray Group Retirement Annuity system.  Individual unit trust-based retirement annuities are managed on a group basis, with minimal administration requirements for you, while your employees get all the benefits of having their own retirement annuity, including tax advantages, control of their investment choices, flexibility and portability.

Learn more about group retirement savings solutions

Offshore investments

Investing offshore allows you to spread your investment risk across different economies and regions. It also gives you access to industries and companies that may not be available locally. Learn more about investing offshore.

Investment platform

You can benefit from manager diversification by investing in unit trusts from other investment managers via our investment platform. Learn more about our investment platform.

Allan Gray Endowment

If your marginal income tax rate is higher than 30% you can use an endowment for your long-term savings goals to benefit from tax savings and for estate planning purposes. Learn more about our endowment.


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