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Save now for your child’s education to avoid future pain

By Saleem Sonday on 28 Jan 2022

Putting aside money every month to fund your child’s future studies may seem like a huge ask, but it will be worth it in the end, especially in light of...

Unpacking saving and investing

By Cedrick Pila on 28 Jul 2021

Saving and investing are both important ingredients for building a sound financial foundation, but they are not the same thing. They have different purposes...

The top four mistakes to avoid when saving for education

By Saleem Sonday on 17 Jan 2020

As parents, we all want the best for our children, and this often includes being able to give them the best education that we can afford. In the journey to...

How not to break the bank this festive season

By Lettie Mzwinila on 22 Nov 2019

The end of 2019 is fast approaching and with many looking forward to downtime during the festive season, this shouldn’t mean breaking the bank, according to...

Savings clubs: A great way to invest

By Noluyolo Betela on 27 Sep 2019

Many of us would like to put money aside for saving and investing but struggle to remain committed and disciplined each month. Being part of a savings club i...

Spring is here, it’s time to spring clean your finances

By Lettie Mzwinila on 25 Sep 2019

The year is flying by, but don’t let it pass without taking stock of your financial decisions, writes Lettie Mzwinila.

How poker taught me to make better decisions

By Maria Konnikova on 30 Jul 2019

Psychologist, bestselling author and professional poker player, Maria Konnikova, recently inspired delegates at the Allan Gray Investment Summit 2019 to make...

Can you save more?

By Lettie Mzwinila on 26 Jul 2019

Whether you are just doing a regular check up on your long-term investments or evaluating your monthly savings plan, it is a good idea to review your financi...

Retirement planning in reality

By Leaveil Des Fountain on 24 Jul 2019

To truly break the cycle of poverty and start creating generational wealth, young working professionals need to prioritise saving for retirement. Leaveil Des...

How to get into the habit of saving this Savings Month

By Lettie Mzwinila on 18 Jul 2019

If you have tried to kick the sugar habit and eat only healthy food, or give up cigarettes and replace the habit with going to the gym, you can probably atte...

Steps to improve your investment decision making

By Didintle Mokonoto on 17 Jul 2019

Deterred by the large number of investment options available, many would-be investors fail to make the most important decision: the decision to start. Becomi...

Can you live your best life and save for the long term?

By Noluyolo Betela on 10 Jun 2019

Here’s something you don’t often hear about millennials: We are better money savers than our elders, but does that translate into long-term wealth?

The ultimate human race

By Belinda Carbutt on 31 May 2019

As investors there is a lot we can learn from marathon runners that can assist us with our own “ultimate human race” – the challenge of retiring financially...

How to approach your finances this festive season

By Lettie Mzwinila on 05 Dec 2018

In the hive of festive activity, it’s easy to forget your financial goals and spend more than you planned. Next thing you know, it’s the New Year and the lon...

How to make better investment decisions in 2018

By Lettie Mzwinila on 08 Jan 2018

Investment experts, economists and industries are more prone to making predictions during the New Year, given the renewed sense of focus and excited...

PART 4: How do I start investing?

By Mthobisi Mthimkhulu on 09 Oct 2017

The first step is often the most difficult to make, but it does not have to be so with investing. Follow these tips to start off on the right foot...

Are you on track to achieve your 2017 financial goals?

By Thandi Ngwane on 19 May 2017

With 2017 in full swing, make sure you stick to your new year’s resolutions when it comes to your personal finances with the below five-point checklist...

When is a debit order the better option?

By Bekithemba Mafulela on 31 Mar 2017

When you think about starting a new investment there are two ways to approach it: either you invest in one go with a lump sum or you do recurring investments...

Primed for the windfall

By Bekithemba Mafulela on 01 Dec 2016

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. - Viktor...

Five reasons to invest part of your bonus

By Bekithemba Mafulela on 25 Nov 2016

It has been a difficult year financially worldwide, with political and economic uncertainty dominating global news headlines. In this context, not every...

Are you a saver or a borrower?

By Bekithemba Mafulela on 10 Aug 2016

It is difficult to be a fence sitter when it comes to investing and wealth creation. Either you are a saver, and are providing for your needs, both present a...

Five tough financial decisions you may have to make… And why they are worth it

By Thandi Ngwane on 30 Nov 2015

Money decisions are never easy and often come down to personal circumstance and choice. If you are lucky enough to get a bonus or a 13 th cheque, should you...

Tales of rice and rewards

By Jeanette Marais on 05 Oct 2015

We often talk about the value of time in investing, but it is difficult to really get to grips with the rewards that can be reaped through compound growth:...

Life in a month

By Chris Tisdall on 01 Jul 2015

July has been designated ‘Savings Month’ by the Savings Institute of South Africa. It is a good time to reflect on the choice we make between saving and...

Convert part of your tax bill into retirement savings

By Carla Rossouw on 18 Feb 2015

While the long-term benefit of saving for a secure retirement may be obvious, investors may not appreciate the extra tax boost available from saving in an...

Tomorrow versus today

By Chris Tisdall on 12 Dec 2014

Despite all of the economic doom and gloom in our newspapers, South Africans are buying a lot of new cars...

Do you need a financial check-up?

By Thandi Ngwane on 19 Dec 2013

The end of the year is a good time to review your financial well-being and put some new year’s resolutions in place that aim for better saving and spending...

July is Savings month - a good time to reassess your spending decisions

By Thandi Ngwane on 09 Jul 2013

When deciding what to do with disposable income, South Africans spend money far more easily than we save. This is reflected in South Africa’s very low saving...


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