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Beyond our borders: A case for investing offshore

By Horacia Naidoo-McCarthy on 02 May 2024

Reading time: 13 mins

Investing offshore should always form part of your long-term diversification strategy. South Africa comprises about 0.3% of the world’s market capitalisation...

Insights categories - Local investing

Are low-equity funds relevant in today’s investment universe?

By Martine Damonse on 03 Jul 2023

Reading time: 5 mins

Low-equity unit trusts provide cautious protection against a falling market. Martine Damonse, investment specialist in the ManCo Distribution team, discusses...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Teenagers, curfews & interest rates

By Dan Brocklebank on 14 Jun 2023

Reading time: 5 mins

As interest rates have risen, we have seen a collapse in the valuations of a range of profitless tech companies.  More recently we have seen a crisis in the ...

Insights categories - Local investing

Equities matter – even for a cautious investor

By Martine Damonse on 04 May 2023

Reading time: 11 mins

In recent years, we have witnessed investors on our platform moving their assets away from low-equity funds to funds that have little to no equity exposure...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Regime change and the rise of the stockpicker

By Alec Cutler on 11 Apr 2023

Viewing time: 4 mins

Alec Cutler chats to Bloomberg’s Merryn Somerset Webb about the impact of central bank and government intervention, the future of inflation and why being a...

Insights categories - Local investing

The evolving role of balanced funds

By Tamryn Lamb on 31 Jan 2023

Reading time: 12 mins

Tamryn Lamb looks at the important role balanced funds have played in your portfolio over time, the returns they have generated and the variability of these...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Solving the diversification dilemma

By Matthew Spencer on 28 Jun 2022

Viewing time: 5 mins

"Don’t put all your eggs in one basket" is a phrase familiar to many of us, and when it comes to investing and minimising risk, it is quite a sensible...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Should I invest 45% of my portfolio offshore?

By Earl Van Zyl on 26 Apr 2022

Reading time: 11 mins

In the February 2022 Budget speech, the National Treasury announced significant changes to the framework that governs how much of South African retirement...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Habits that set successful investors apart

By Nomi Bodlani on 27 Jan 2021

Reading time: 5 mins

When investing, sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing. Having the ability to block out the noise, and look through the cycle, are some of the...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Your questions answered

By Mthobisi Mthimkhulu on 26 Jan 2021

Viewing time: 58 mins

As you embark on your investing journey, you’re likely to have a number of unanswered questions. In the final instalment of our 6-part Personal investing 101...

Insights categories - Local investing

How to invest in challenging times

By Ruan Stander on 22 Jan 2020

Reading time: 4 mins

A braai over the weekend inevitably reminds us of the significant challenges our country faces – there is lots of negative news to talk about.

Insights categories - Investment insights

Is your portfolio overly concentrated?

By Vuyo Nogantshi on 30 May 2019

Reading time: 6 mins

South Africa has a relatively small equities market with a handful of dominant shares, spread across a few sectors, which are available to invest in. This...

Insights categories - Personal investing

Take charge of your finance this Women's month

By Jeanette Marais on 14 Aug 2017

Reading time: 9 mins

A man is not a financial plan and women today are becoming more aware of the fact that they must take ownership of their finances. August is Women’s month, s...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Equity opportunities down under

By JD de Lange and LJ Collyer on 30 Jun 2013

Reading time: 8 mins

Last quarter, Seema Dala wrote about the importance of diversifying your portfolios by investing offshore. Australia is definitely offshore from South Africa...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Investing offshore to reduce portfolio risk

By Seema Dala on 31 Mar 2013

Reading time: 8 mins

Five years on from the start of the Global Financial Crisis, as economic uncertainty continues across the world, investors remain sceptical about exposing...

Insights categories - Local investing

Message from our Top 10 equity holdings

By Simon Raubenheimer on 26 Nov 2012

Reading time: 5 mins

Investors frequently ask us whether or not our choice of shares reveals a particular theme or ‘story’. Investors are also curious as to how we alter our...

Insights categories - Personal investing

The Allan Gray Investment Platform: high quality service with simple, transparent fund choice

By Jeanette Marais on 30 Jun 2012

Reading time: 7 mins

Objectives for investing change throughout our lives, from buying a car or house, to longer-term goals, such as saving for our children's education and our...

Insights categories - Personal investing

The benefits and pitfalls of foreign diversification

By Chris du Toit on 30 Sep 2009

Reading time: 8 mins

Most South African investors looking to diversify will choose to include offshore assets in their portfolio. The trick is to select the right combination of...


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