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Insights categories - Offshore investing

Central Banks and Big Macs: Finding value in currencies

By John Christy on 28 Aug 2023

Reading time: 5 mins

One of the easiest ways to lose money is to buy something for more than it is really worth. When picking stocks, we seek to avoid permanent capital loss by...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Currency dynamics and returns in emerging and frontier markets

By Rami Hajjar on 31 Jul 2023

Reading time: 16 mins

Rami Hajjar considers currency dynamics in emerging and frontier markets, focusing on how currency impacts returns, and how we think about this factor when...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Orbis Global Balanced: Beware the Great and Powerful Dollar

By Alec Cutler on 27 Oct 2022

Reading time: 9 mins

The US dollar has rallied significantly over the course of this year, leaving other currencies in its wake. Alec Cutler, from our offshore partner, Orbis,...

Insights categories - Investment insights

Which currency is a good store of value?

By Jacques Plaut on 20 Oct 2022

Reading time: 3 mins

As the US dollar continues to make substantial gains on global currencies, Jacques Plaut, portfolio manager, discusses the factors investors typically consid...

Insights categories - Investment insights

Orbis: Crypto – currency or collectible?

By Shane Woldendorp on 17 Jun 2021

Reading time: 8 mins

It is widely accepted that distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, has enormous potential. Like many new technologies it could be truly...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Making sense of the rand

By Linda Kallis on 10 Oct 2019

Reading time: 9 mins

Like other emerging market currencies, the rand has seen periods of prolonged fluctuation since September 2018 but has remained relatively stable over time....

Insights categories - Personal investing

PART 4: Investing offshore to finance international education

By Saleem Sonday on 16 Jul 2019

Reading time: 7 mins

It’s hard to make space for saving in our already-stretched budgets, but what about those of us who have children aspiring to spread their wings by studying...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Guarded optimism on new Zimbabwe dollar

By Nick Ndiritu on 03 Jul 2019

Reading time: 5 mins

This past quarter, Zimbabwe reintroduced its national currency, reviving bitter memories of the hyperinflation period before the infamous Zimbabwe dollar was...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

The role of currency when investing offshore

By Dan Brocklebank on 09 Nov 2018

Viewing time: 2 mins 30 seconds

If you buy a share in your local market, assessing your performance is easy. If the price goes up, you make money. If you buy shares in other markets, howeve...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

What is a good offshore strategy?

By Dan Brocklebank and Tamryn Lamb on 23 Oct 2018

Viewing time: 1 min

Novice and experienced investors often ask the same question time and again: When is the best time to invest offshore?

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Zimbabwe in transition

By Nick Ndiritu on 06 Jul 2018

Reading time: 6 mins

Zimbabwe’s election on 30 July 2018 heralds a new beginning after the abrupt end to President Robert Mugabe’s 37-year reign in November 2017. We are not...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Adopt a global mind-set for long-term investment success

By Tamryn Lamb and Earl Van Zyl on 15 Jun 2018

Reading time: 6 mins

South African investors are fixated on the rand exchange rate, so much so that our currency movements act as a barometer of our nation’s mood: when the rand ...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Currency matters

By Rob Perrone on 23 Mar 2018

Reading time: 5 mins

Rob Perrone, from our offshore partner Orbis, discusses why exchange rates are a big deal, and how Orbis actively manages currency exposure in it funds...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

What can be done to address SA’s fiscal crisis?

By Sandy McGregor on 12 Jan 2018

Reading time: 2 mins

Global economic activity continued to gain momentum in the last quarter of 2017. Global purchasing manager’s indices, which are a good barometer of current a...

Insights categories - Investment insights

The value of bitcoin

By Jacques Plaut on 24 Oct 2017

Reading time: 10 mins

The total market value of all bitcoins is US$80bn, which is more than the value of Richemont and triple the value of Anglo American. It is the topic on which...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

Valuation of Nigerian and Zimbabwean holdings in the Allan Gray Africa ex-SA Equity Fund

By Nick Ndiritu on 12 May 2017

Reading time: 4 mins

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has established a new foreign exchange (FX) platform for investors and exporters, effective 24 April 2017. The exchange...

Insights categories - Local investing

Keep calm and carry on investing

By Andrew Lapping on 17 Jan 2017

Reading time: 5 mins

The past 12 months seem to have passed particularly swiftly, maybe because fundamentally very little changed. Interestingly, the light in which investors vie...

Insights categories - Offshore investing

Protect your buying power by investing offshore

By Richard Carter on 30 Dec 2016

Listening time: 14 mins

We are all fixated on the rand-dollar exchange rate and what it will do next, but does it really affect our day-to-day? And what can you do about it? Listen ...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

How to think about risk in Nigeria

By Nick Ndiritu on 11 Jul 2016

Reading time: 4 mins

Our investment approach does not change even during periods of extreme market volatility. As always, we carefully consider investment opportunities where ris...


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