Thandi Ngwane

Thandi was employed at Allan Gray from 2008 to 2019 and was head of Strategic Markets. She completed her Master of Business Law degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is an admitted attorney and a CFP® professional.

Articles by Thandi Ngwane

How to select your asset manager

By Thandi Ngwane on 26 Sep 2018

Past performance is often the first, and sometimes only, consideration investors make when selecting an investment manager. However, performance is just one ...

How to select a unit trust that’s right for you

By Thandi Ngwane on 12 Sep 2018

There are over 1 500 unit trusts available in South Africa – what criteria should you apply to select one (or more) that best suits your needs and...

Five things to consider when drafting your Will

By Thandi Ngwane on 11 Sep 2017

It is said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. Why is it then that so many of us fail to plan for when these inevitable things meet? In...

The trick to retiring with enough

By Thandi Ngwane on 20 Jul 2017

We are often asked by clients and prospective clients what the magic trick is that can turn a portion of your income into a comfortable retirement. It is har...

Are you on track to achieve your 2017 financial goals?

By Thandi Ngwane on 19 May 2017

With 2017 in full swing, make sure you stick to your new year’s resolutions when it comes to your personal finances with the below five-point checklist...

How to recognise a Ponzi scheme

By Thandi Ngwane on 17 Feb 2017

How can you tell the difference between a great potential investment and a great sales pitch? Bold promises of lofty returns are made to unsuspecting victims...

The role you play in your investment success

By Thandi Ngwane on 23 Dec 2016

How can you make sure you get the best value out of your investment? Listen to this 12-minute interview on PowerFM Business with Andile Khumalo, where Thandi...

Your last Will & testament: Tips to ensure your loved ones are covered

By Thandi Ngwane on 13 Sep 2016

What happens to your investments when you die? Will they pass to your loved ones, as you would want? An uncomfortable topic to think about, but one that we a...

Considering getting financial advice? Four key questions to ask your adviser

By Thandi Ngwane on 05 Sep 2016

You wouldn’t gamble with your health by not seeing a professional, why do it with your financial future? Independent financial advisers can make a significan...

What happens when I die?

By Thandi Ngwane on 31 Mar 2016

Thinking about death is uncomfortable. But, trying to rebuild your life after the death of a loved one and dealing with questions of money is a stress that...

Five tough financial decisions you may have to make… And why they are worth it

By Thandi Ngwane on 30 Nov 2015

Money decisions are never easy and often come down to personal circumstance and choice. If you are lucky enough to get a bonus or a 13 th cheque, should you...

The pitfalls of investing, and the role of financial advice

By Thandi Ngwane on 16 Nov 2015

Many investors lack the time, knowledge and experience to invest successfully, often encountering difficulties that could have been avoided had they taken...

What is outperformance?

By Thandi Ngwane on 30 Sep 2015

While the dictionary definition of outperformance is simple, the complexity starts when we want to understand it in the context of our investments, as we are...

Active versus passive

By Thandi Ngwane on 31 Mar 2015

As a proud advocate of a committed active manager, Thandi Ngwane does her best to stay objective in discussing the pros and cons of active and passive...

Understand the impact of inflation

By Thandi Ngwane on 30 Sep 2014

There are different types of investment risks, some more obvious than others. One risk that people often forget about is the risk that their invested money...

What is switching?

By Thandi Ngwane on 31 Mar 2014

We often caution investors against 'switching' at the wrong moments. But what exactly is switching and how do you know whether or not it is an opportune time...

Do you need a financial check-up?

By Thandi Ngwane on 19 Dec 2013

The end of the year is a good time to review your financial well-being and put some new year’s resolutions in place that aim for better saving and spending...

Investing tutorials: Why preserve?

By Thandi Ngwane on 30 Sep 2013

Learn more about investing and personal finance in 'Investing tutorials', a new addition to our Quarterly Commentary. South Africans on average change jobs...

July is Savings month - a good time to reassess your spending decisions

By Thandi Ngwane on 09 Jul 2013

When deciding what to do with disposable income, South Africans spend money far more easily than we save. This is reflected in South Africa’s very low saving...


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