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Insights categories - Markets and economy

The inflation conversation is far from over

By Thalia Petousis on 23 Oct 2023

Reading time: 7 mins

If the history of debt markets repeats itself, we are now in year three of a new multi-decade bear market for bonds.

Insights categories - Markets and economy

The problem with a 12% yield

By Thalia Petousis on 04 Oct 2023

Reading time: 4 mins

The notion of a government bond trading at a 12% yield can sound very appealing, but it poses several issues.

Insights categories - Retirement

A focus on the regulatory aspects and challenges of the two-pot system

By Richard Carter on 01 Mar 2023

Reading time: 6 mins

During the recent Budget speech, the Minister of Finance confirmed the intended launch date of 1 March 2024 for the two-pot retirement system. With 12 months...

Insights categories - Retirement

Making sense of the proposed two-pot retirement system

By Richard Carter on 27 Oct 2022

Reading time: 11 mins

In February 2021, the National Treasury announced its intention to amend the retirement fund system in South Africa with the dual aim of creating limited...

Insights categories - Retirement

Upcoming changes to provident and provident preservation funds

By Shaun Duddy on 27 Jan 2021

Reading time: 11 mins

The Taxation Laws Amendment Act includes changes to the legislation that governs provident and provident preservation funds that will come into effect on 1...

Insights categories - Retirement

How to manage your living annuity in uncertain times

By Shaun Duddy on 17 Jun 2020

Reading time: 8 mins

Presenting via Zoom webinar, Shaun Duddy discusses the “Rule Book” for managing your living annuity over the long term and interrogates whether these rules...

Insights categories - Retirement

Managing your living annuity in an uncertain world

By Earl Van Zyl on 02 Jun 2020

Reading time: 11 mins

In response to the dramatic impact that measures to contain COVID-19 have had on asset prices, National Treasury has announced temporary changes to living...

Insights categories - Markets and economy

What can be done to improve South Africa’s prospects?

By Sandy McGregor on 28 Oct 2019

Reading time: 12 mins

When the National Treasury first published its Economic Policy Paper, there was widespread puzzlement as to why yet another such report was needed. It repeat...


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