Nazia Kahlon

Nazia joined Allan Gray in 2016 and is a specialist in the Group Savings and Investment team. Before joining Allan Gray, she spent four years as an asset consultant at Alexander Forbes. Prior to that, she held positions as a quantitative strategist at Macquarie Investment Bank and a quantitative analyst at Stanlib Asset Management. She holds a Bachelor of Business Science degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Town and is a chartered financial analyst.

Articles by Nazia Kahlon

PART 10: Retiring? The five most important decisions to ensure your income lasts

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Planning is essential to ensure your retirement money lasts as long as you do.

PART 9: When can I retire? Some questions to ask before you hang up your boots

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Important questions to ask before you decide to retire.

PART 8: What can I do if I don’t have enough money to retire?

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Nine tips to help you increase your retirement savings pot.

PART 7: How much is enough when saving for retirement?

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

You should aim for a retirement income of 75% of your final salary. Here’s why…

PART 6: How do retirement products work?

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

It is important to understand how your retirement product works and for retirement annuities this means understanding what the underlying unit trusts invest...

PART 5: What's the difference between retirement products?

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Official retirement products have great tax benefits but come with some restrictions. Understand your options before you commit.

PART 4: How to save for retirement: Tips to get you started

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Some simple steps to follow to get your retirement savings started.

PART 3: When to start saving for retirement

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

The accepted wisdom is that you need to start saving for retirement as soon as you are employed, but if you are late it is worthwhile to start as soon as...

PART 2: Why saving for retirement makes sense

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Starting your retirement savings is as much a mental battle as it is a financial one. Read up on how your excuses may be holding you back.

PART 1: Why save for retirement?

By Nazia Kahlon on 30 Mar 2021

Step into the shoes of the future you to find out why you should save for retirement.

How often should employers review their umbrella fund provider?

By Nazia Kahlon on 08 Aug 2019

The 2019 Sanlam Benchmark Survey found that one-third of employers using umbrella funds have never reviewed their provider, while less than half of responden...

Introducing the Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund

By Nazia Kahlon on 29 Jun 2017

Over the last four years, the market share of commercial umbrella funds has increased by 70%, at the expense of standalone employer funds...

Introducing the Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund

By Nazia Kahlon and Saleem Sonday on 31 Mar 2017

Group savings should be an extremely efficient way to prepare for a comfortable retirement. Nazia Suleman and Saleem Sonday discuss how Allan Gray plans to...

The role of financial advice in your investment success

By Nazia Kahlon on 13 Dec 2016

You wouldn’t gamble with your health by not seeing a professional, why do it with your financial future? Consult an independent financial adviser to help you...


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