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Internationally acclaimed life coach, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Valorie Burton, explores how we can develop strength and resilience through intentional selfcare. She is joined by Londa Nxumalo from Allan Gray and independent financial adviser Janet Hugo to review what has been in their survival toolkits over the last six months of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also contemplate the role women can play in enabling one another to thrive, both in the workplace and across society. Watch this 66 minute clip now and find some pointers on how to build resilience.

Resilience is key to balancing the demands of work and life, especially as COVID-19 has turned our regular routines and structures upside down. However, resilience is a messy business. According to Valorie, living a life of purpose helps us build resilience to persevere through tough times. Here are her pointers: 

How to build resilience, by Valorie Burton 

P is for positive emotion, which is a success strategy; it boosts your immune system and expands your ability to deal with adversity. There are different happiness triggers which can help you cultivate positive emotion. These include anticipation, gratitude and play. Interestingly, smiling itself makes you feel happier - so SMILE! 40% of your happiness is about your choices. 50% is genetic. Only 10% is circumstances. 

U is for using your failures and fear as opportunities for growth. It is not what happens, but what you tell yourself about what happens. Have a growth mindset. See challenges as opportunities for growth. 

R is for replenishing your reserves. If you simply jump from one goal to the next you may get burnt out. Celebrate your wins and rest. Your finish line doesn’t need to be the starting line for your next race. Have more conversation and connection. 

P is for putting things into perspective. One thing you can change is how you think. Step back and look at the big picture. What we need to figure out is what would make us feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Have self-compassion. Tell yourself you are going through something hard and allow yourself to step away for a moment and think through your strategy, or get a different perspective from someone else. 

O is for operating with optimism – most of the time. An optimistic thinking style is powerful in helping us to be more resilient. You are not just thinking positively, but also accurately. Be positive about your ability to work around the problem. This is in all aspects of your life – your office, family, community. 

S is for serving as you lead. Ask yourself: What can I give? What do I have to contribute? This pulls us forward when we feel stuck and helps us navigate our challenges more effectively. Remember – attitude is contagious. 

E is for embracing the journey. Let challenges strengthen you. What opportunities do the challenges you are facing present? What opportunity will you find by stretching beyond your comfort zone?

Years from now, if you looked back at this time, what would you wish you had done? Now is the time to do that.

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