Understand your Umbrella Retirement Fund

Your employer has entrusted us with looking after your hard-earned retirement savings by investing your money in our Umbrella Retirement Fund.

This is the beginning of an important partnership between us and you. Welcome to Allan Gray.

About Allan Gray

We are an investment manager focused on creating long-term wealth for investors. We have been investing on behalf of clients since 1974. Over the long term we have been able to deliver superior returns at lower-than-average risk of capital loss.  Learn more about us.

What is the Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund?

The Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund is a retirement savings structure that allows many employers to join the same retirement fund and offer their employees a way to save towards a more comfortable retirement. Because multiple employers use the same structure, costs are lowered and you as an employee benefit from these lower costs. The Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund offers you access to experienced investment managers at very competitive prices to help you get the best possible return over time.

Where your money is invested

Each employer chooses an investment portfolio that is suitable for their staff from the carefully selected portfolios from Allan Gray and other experienced South African investment managers.

Every month, your employer deducts a portion of your salary, which is then invested into the portfolio chosen by your employer for your specific scheme. If you believe the selected portfolio is not suitable for you, you can choose your own alternative from our portfolio list, with the help of your company’s scheme adviser or on your own. You can also change your portfolio selection if your needs and objectives change. If you are not comfortable making your own investment decisions, you may wish to speak to a good, independent financial adviser.

Who looks after you?

  • The Fund's board of trustees is responsible for making sure that the Umbrella Retirement Fund is well-run, including taking care of all governance and compliance duties. Their sole focus is protecting your interests as a member of the Fund.
  • Investment experts from Allan Gray or your chosen manager look after your money and aim to provide you with the best possible return over time.

If you prefer to choose your own investment portfolio, you can contact your employer’s scheme adviser, if they use one, or your own independent financial adviser. 

Managing your own investment

You have already started saving and this is the first step towards enjoying a comfortable retirement. It is important to consider whether you are saving enough, which depends on your age and when you first started.

See how much you should be saving.

We provide you with your own secure online account where you can view your investment at any time, watch it grow and even start other investments. We will also send you quarterly statements and other information so that you can take active responsibility for your retirement savings as well as your overall financial future.

What happens if you leave your employer?

Life happens. At some point in the future you may leave your employer. The Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund allows you to leave your investment to grow within the Fund until you retire, allowing you to fully benefit from professional investment expertise and compound return on your investment over time. Click here to learn more about the options available to you.

For further assistance, you can contact our Client Service Centre.


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