What happens when you resign from your employer?

As an Allan Gray Umbrella Retirement Fund member, when you leave your employer your retirement savings will remain invested with Allan Gray and you can access your money at any point in the future.

You may have challenging decisions to make, but deciding what to do with your retirement savings should not be one of them. 

Your retirement savings will automatically remain invested

You do not need to do anything for your investment to continue. The money you have saved so far will remain invested in your current portfolio allocation, which you can change if you need to at any time. As you approach retirement age, your portfolio may start to transition into portfolios that are appropriate for the number of years you have until you reach retirement. This is known as life-staging. To learn more about this, please click here.

You get value for your money
Long-term growth

The longer you leave your money invested, the more time it will have to grow and the higher your income will be in retirement.

You get help with admin
Safeguard your retirement

Try to keep your retirement savings for its intended purpose - your retirement, when your savings will need to fund your lifestyle.

Tax benefits
Avoid losing your tax benefits

If you withdraw from your investment prior to reaching retirement age, you will decrease your overall tax benefits, and tax may be deducted from your withdrawal.

Update your details to stay informed

Your contact details may change when you leave your employer. Please log in to your Allan Gray Online account to check that we have the correct contact details for you and update them if necessary.

You can transfer or withdraw your money

You can choose to withdraw a portion or all of your money at any time. You can also transfer your money to another retirement fund, for example, the Allan Gray Retirement Annuity Fund, or your new employer's retirement fund.

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