Saving for education



  • Part 1: How to overcome the growing cost of education
    Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of how you will finance your children’s education? You are not alone. Let us help you take steps to alleviate the pressure.
  • Part 2: Saving for education – later is still better than never
    Didn’t start investing for your child’s education from early on? Thankfully there are short- and medium-term options available for those of us who are late starters.
    • Case study 1: Investing to pay school fees upfront for the year
      Read how one Johannesburg mom is investing to take advantage of the early payment discounts offered by schools.
  • Part 3: What are the best investment options for education savings?
    Picking the right tools for the job can be the difference between having enough and running into shortfalls. Make sure the products you use to save suit your time horizon and intent.
    • Case study 2: Long-term investing for your child’s education
      Read how one couple is investing to lessen the impact of their daughters’ later education costs.
  • Part 4: Investing offshore to finance international education
    If sending your kids overseas is a consideration, it is a good idea to invest at least a portion of your portfolio offshore. Find out how.
  • Part 5: The role of financial advice in your investment success
    You wouldn’t gamble with your health by not seeing a professional, why do it with your financial future? Consult an independent financial adviser to help you save for your children’s education.


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