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17-18 July 2018







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Key messages from the Summit

From where to invest both locally and globally and what to avoid, to how to choose a unit trust, we invite you to get a taste of some of the insights that were shared to help you grow your long-term wealth.

Offshore investing... in good company

Orbis, BlackRock, Columbia Threadneedle, and Schroders

Orbis, BlackRock, Columbia Threadneedle, and Schroders explain how to approach the complex world of offshore investing. Find out what opportunities they are finding exciting as they discuss where they would spend US$10 000.

What's driving the markets?

Allan Gray, Coronation, Prudential and Perpetua

Allan Gray, Coronation, Prudential and Perpetua discuss their investment approach as well as their top stock picks and their views on property. Here’s an opportunity to get some insights from of the most astute local investors.

How to select a unit trust

Rory Maguire

With over 1,500 unit trusts in SA, selecting a fund manager is not easy: your objectives and expectations need to align, value systems should resonate and trust is critical.  If you make the right choice, you could be on the path to a fruitful relationship. Here is a rare opportunity to learn how.


SA needs to unlock its 'demographic dividend' by getting the private sector to invest

Kevin Lings

South Africa needs to stop looking to government spending as the catalyst for economic growth and should instead foster a more conducive environment for private sector investment in order to capitalise on its “demographic dividend,” Stanlib Economist Kevin Lings said at the Allan Gray Investment Summit.

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How Allan Gray values a stock

Andrew Lapping

Allan Gray is a strong proponent of value investing, the mantra famously championed by Warren Buffet. Put simply, value investing is the concept of buying assets that are trading at less than their intrinsic worth and holding them for long-term appreciation purposes.

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Corporate democracy: Moving beyond box-like thinking

Ricardo Semler

At the 2018 Allan Gray Investment Summit, keynote speaker Ricardo Semler challenged delegates to find new solutions to problems: “We have become box people who live, work and travel in box-like structures. Why?”

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