Adviser webinars

Our webinars cover a range of topics, from practice management to investment insights. If you have missed any of these live presentations, you can watch the recordings below.

The Allan Gray Investment Process (7 June 2017)
Andrew Lapping, chief investment officer, starts the series by talking through how Allan Gray achieves its investment goals, how we value companies and how our funds are positioned for performance. Expect to learn why our funds are a vital part of any portfolio, especially during periods of negative market performance.
Designing a portfolio for retirement income (21 June 2017)
Richard Carter, director at Allan Gray, talks about how to go about achieving a sustainable income for retired clients, especially in muted markets.
Tax effective investments (5 July 2017)
Carla Rossouw, tax manager, explains how to optimise the tax treatment that applies to your clients’ income and capital returns by using different investment products effectively.
Understanding investor behaviour (19 July 2017)
Wanita Isaacs, head of investor education, discusses the widespread biases investors display and how to have courageous conversations with clients when they want to make irrational investment decisions. Understanding how these behavioral issues apply to investors can provide the tools to ensure clients don’t destroy their returns.

Overview of the advice landscape (30 August 2017)
Jeanette Marais, director of distribution and client service, talks about the current financial advisory landscape in South Africa, the impact of the Retail Distribution review (RDR) introduced in the UK and how advisers can use this disruption to benefit their businesses.
Developing your investment process (13 September 2017)
Ian Jones, CEO of Fundhouse, will guide you in developing an Investment Policy Statement that improves your relationship with clients and reduces compliance risk. Committing to a systemised investment process leads to better outcomes for both you and your clients.
Delivering a great financial planning experience (20 September 2017)
Brian Foster, co-founder of Beyond RDR, discusses how to build a profitable business in an RDR environment by creating a financial planning experience your clients willingly pay for.
Consciously building business value (27 September 2017)
Join Jon Macintosh, managing director at Encore SA, as he speaks about the importance of valuing your business, the factors that go into a valuation and where the real value of your business is derived from. He will also share insights on how successful succession starts with the decisions you make today.

Is technology an obstacle in your business (23 March 2017)
Every business wants to grow their revenue and reduce costs. Technology is a powerful tool in unlocking this business value; however, too many advisers are frustrated with their existing software. Jen McKay, a director of LinkTank, joins us for an exclusive discussion on how to avoid the pitfalls of poor system choices and the struggles of implementation.
Are current market conditions good for stock pickers (13 February 2017)
With a market that presents selective value, what you don’t own in your portfolio is just as important as what you do. Mark Dunley-Owen, portfolio manager, provides insight into how we have positioned our clients’ funds to take advantage of current opportunities.
How do you run an ethical business (30 November 2016)
We are all well aware of the important role ethics plays in our engagements with clients, but what makes a business ethical? How can we build an ethical culture in our businesses and make sure that everyone involved in the business understands the importance of behaving ethically at all times? Rob MacDonald from Fundhouse addresses these key questions and leave us with some pointers on how to run an ethical business.
Get the inside track on how we analyse companies (2 November 2016)
Do you ever wonder how we evaluate companies and decide which to include or exclude from clients' portfolios? Do your clients want answers about how Allan Gray picks stocks? Watch this webinar with portfolio manager Jacques Plaut for a report-back on Anheuser Busch InBev’s financial results for the quarter ending September 2016, similar to what the investment team hears in their daily meeting.

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